Project Description

BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota Brand Assessment

Vision: An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other.

“A marketplace where buyers and sellers are engaged and committed to doing the right thing.”

Mission: To be the leader in advancing marketplace trust.

“To light the way to a trusting and vibrant marketplace.”


The BBB is a highly recognizable honest brand with a strong heritage, deeply embodying the values of the Midwest. This alignment of core values and purpose creates a unique connection to the people and businesses of Minnesota and North Dakota.

Aspirational value proposition:

For small businesses who value superior customer care, committed to hard work and doing what is right.

The BBB brand provides a business partnership and a consumer trusted marketing asset. It enhances their credibility, builds trust, and increases visibility among current and future customers. It is an opportunity to stand out from their competition as a caring ethical business and community leader

Brand Essence: Trust built on the values of perseverance, hard work and partnerships (friendships) connected by a common purpose. Doing the right thing creates not only a vibrant marketplace it creates caring engaged communities