We hear a lot about branding do’s but what about the don’ts?    How do you not only build a strong brand but protect your brand?

Brand Edge Consulting | Simple Start | May 2018

Don'ts of Branding

Don’t get caught up on the unimportant.  Often when it comes to branding companies will get caught up on the tagline.  Is it slick enough, catchy enough, cool enough?  Your tagline should sell you with persuasion, it should be clear to understand and if it turns out slick and clever, fantastic – if not that’s ok as long as it helps in driving awareness about who you are.

Five Branding Don’ts

  1. Don’t get caught up in what the competition is doing.   Your brand is unique.  What does your company stand for?  It’s not enough to look at your competitors and mock what they are doing.  To stand out, you have to find strength in your identity.
  2. Don’t make the mistake and think that branding is just about your logo.  A brand is so much more than that.  It’s what the company stands for; it’s who the company is.  A logo update is just icing.  That icing can be put on a fantastic strong pillar, or it can be like lipstick on a pig.  A logo will not fix branding problems and struggles. Believe it or not, while the logo is tangible, rarely does a logo have a real impact on its own.  It’s a small part of a bigger picture.
  3. Don’t fib when it comes to your unique selling points.   It’s not enough to make up selling points; they have to be genuine and real.  They have to stand up against your product and/or service and stand strong.  You have to be confident in the unique selling points that you present, and they have to be able to stand on their own when no one from the company is around and speak for themselves.
  4. Don’t forget to educate and promote your brand internally.  It’s important that your employees understand your brand.  It doesn’t mean that they will all support it or live it, but they do have to understand and what your brand stands for. They have to believe in the unique selling points and be able to present the brand clearly to your customers.  Branding starts from the inside out.
  5. Don’t expect results overnight.  A strong brand takes years to build.  Building a brand just takes time, so be patient.  If you build a consistent and memorable brand that has unique selling points that are strong and your employees, represent you brand it will grow, but it’s not going to happen instantly.  Hold on to patience and keep faith in what you are building, you’ll need it. Don’t give up.
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