17 Lead Generation Tactics Every Marketer Should Try

Brand Edge Consulting | Simple Start | May 2018

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2018 will be the year marketers focus on lead generation and ROI.

Sure, that’s a strong statement, but in uncertain times, results will ensure accountability and job security.

With our volatile economy and technological impacts forcing cuts to marketing and PR departments, marketers need to entrench their efforts in growing sales.

Here are more than 17 ideas for you to execute on in 2018.

Lead Generation Tactics For Leads

There are three main ways I get the majority of my leads

  • Inbound marketing
  • Referrals
  • Networking efforts

Let’s dive into each area to see where lead captures should be happening.

Seven Inbound Marketing Lead Generation Ideas

Content is the hub of inbound marketing.

Here are seven places you should use content for capturing leads in 2018.

  1. Company website
  2. Your blog
  3. Guest posting on relevant blogs and authoritative sites
  4. Using product or service videos (and offer a free demo if you can)
  5. Creating white papers, case studies, or reports
  6. Building a free tool, like Hubspot’s Free CRM
  7. There are also live-stream videos, podcasts, and webinars

The “secret” to content is that it has to be seen in many places, many times for you to start to become recognized.

We use case studies on our site as a way to show what we’ve done for clients. In other words, we show versus tell and prove how we were able to garner a return on investment for our clients.

Consistency is key with content.

It must be valuable/solve pain points, you need enough of it to become recognizable, and it needs to ask potential leads to take the next step by filling out a form, submitting their email, etc.

One sporadic blog post here and there just won’t cut it.

Five Referral Lead Generation Ideas

Referrals make up more than 50% of my revenue. It’s huge.

Referrals aren’t something you can get into overnight because it requires quality work, a solid network and trust.

If you don’t have those yet I suggest skipping to the next section, 5 Networking Lead Generation Ideas.

The most fruitful lead generation wins came for me when I partnered with other agencies or service providers.

For example, a friend of mine runs a creative design business but she doesn’t “do” brand marketing strategy. When her clients ask her if s he does this,s he refers them to me.

In turn, we pay a referral fee based on the income we receive.

It makes sense for her to pass the leads to me because

  • She’s worked with me directly and understands the quality of our work
  • Our team and processes ensure she still maintains the trust of the client by referring someone who produces quality work
  • The referral fee ensures she thinks of us first when she has leads to give

I’m happy to pay for referrals because it makes my job as the “sales team” a thousand times easier if I’m not out there pounding the pavement.

I liken it to trying to hit a pitch from a pro baseball player or hitting a ball off a t-ball stand. Which sounds easier to you?

We have several of these relationships going, securing me several “t-ball hits” a month.

Here are five places you should use referral relationships to capture leads in 2018.

  1. Give to receive
  2. Create an asset that you and your referral partner can share
  3. Work on a joint project with your partner to see how you work together
  4. Solidify several “preferred partner” deals where you partner with complimentary service providers and ink a deal to be their preferred vendor for your type of services
  5. Close at least one “white labeled” deal where a same-industry (but non-competitive) agency white labels your service as their own

I wouldn’t call this lead generation 101 or basic, but if you’re looking for a steady stream of leads, this is an excellent path to take.

5 Networking Lead Generation Ideas

I think the biggest hurdle marketers have to overcome with generating leads and supporting sales growth is this … IT DOESN’T HAPPEN FROM BEHIND A DESK.

Think of it like this: we create a business plan, we create a finance plan, we create a marketing plan, but few of us plan for leveraging our network.

Using a CRM, to help keep in touch with important people in your network.

When you mark a contact as important and ask to keep in touch with them monthly.

Additionally, you can use it to discover prospects and their contact details, target businesses or companies, and track & measure my email outreach.

But you don’t need a CRM to keep in touch with your network! Just make a plan and stick to it … and, get out from behind your desk to enrich your network.

Here are five ideas for leveraging your network for LeadGen in 2018.

  1. Keep in touch with important and new players in your sphere of influence (but don’t be sales-y)
  2. Connect with qualified/relevant LinkedIn lurkers (those who view your profile but don’t connect — send a personalized message and don’t be shy! Ask why they ended up on your profile)
  3. Attend a local Meetup
  4. Join a networking group
  5. Attend industry conferences

Keeping in touch with, and leveraging, your network is key to continued business growth.