Brand Edge is a strategic marketing consulting company with 20+ years of expertise. Driven to maximize your brand and deliver your business objectives.

Brand Building

Expert in leveraging insights and big picture thinking to create fresh marketing solutions. Helping our clients identify and solve their challenges. Whether it’s a brand refresh or strategic planning, our goal is to help our clients capitalize on their unique point of difference, and stay focused on their competitive edge.

“A great strategic plan points you in the right direction and provides clarity. Solid branding is focused on your unique point of difference. Together they create your EDGE

Linda Anderson, founder 

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Brand Marketing Expert * Business Strategist

Energetic, talented and skilled, sharply honed through years of working at The Coca-Cola Company and Tastefully Simple.
 Accomplished at building, directing business plans and brands.
Proven track record of creating, engaging and coaching high impact cross-functional teams.
A catalyst of positive change known for integrity, and building candid, trust based partnerships.
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Coca- Cola Branding
Tastefully Simple Director of Brand Marketing
Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified
Profit Mastery Certified

How I Can Help?

Expert Marketing & Brand Strategy Consulting. Our strategic planning services build smart brands with a competitive edge for lead generation and growth.

Focused and customized to meet the unique needs of your business


Building smart brands with a competitive edge through solid Brand Strategy Development and Expertise.

Building Smart Brands

Expert brand strategy development begins with an assessment, Identifying strengths, opportunities and differentiators.  It includes your unique Value Proposition for your core, Brand Essence, and Personality. Visual Identity recommendations are made and briefed to align to your strategy.

Brand Development & Management

Brand Consulting

Graphic Design Briefing

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning services are facilitated with your team, creating a forward path and providing clarity.

Defining Strategic Direction

Working together our planning process creates clarity. Our approach, assessing current state of your business and mapping of SWOT/SOAR. Leveraging strengths and opportunities to define growth strategies. Creating alignment and building a scorecard to measure success.

Clarity | Vision-Mission-Purpose

Opportunity Assessments

Direction | Growth Strategies


Marketing activation perspective driving results with an effective Marketing Strategy

Solid Marketing Growth

Creating your strategic marketing plan as a derivative of your annual business plan and brand strategy. Aligning specific goals and tactics into a project plan. We can help with project management or work on specific activations from content strategy to dynamic lead generation.

Marketing Activation Planning

Content Strategy

Lead Generation Strategies

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Linda Anderson Brand Strategist
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Linda Anderson, President

Incredibly spirited and knowledgeable business leader. Passionate about driving results by focusing on strengths and shared goals.


Branding – where do I start?  

Think about, …

What is your brand saying? Does it align with your essence?

How is your company different than the competition? 

Think Simple, give this DIY process a try!

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LINDA – I enjoyed today so very much!! Thank you again for lending your talent and passion my way. I’m inspired!!

Annie Niccom, Founder, Bravura Training Centers

The most valuable insight was identifying our core persona ” Active Hopefuls”. Now we can target our content and marketing efforts more efficiently. I look forward to continuing our partnership.

Tim Schmidt, Co-Founder, Owner, Rollga

Linda was a loyal member of our team and we were inspired everyday by the level of commitment that enriched our company. We’re confident the passion, talent and dedication she bought to her role will make a positive impact on your organization.

JIll Blaskak Strahan, Founder and CEO, Tastefully Simple

Thank you! I am so grateful for all your help!

Leanne, Owner, ART BAR 39

Linda was the senior marketing and branding strategist on my team at Tastefully Simple where she led the strategic work to modernize the brand. She was recognized with Tastefully Simple’s highest award for leadership which considered both team performance and consistency with culture and vision. Linda is skilled at creating strong go-to market activation plans and deftly combines consideration for both consumers and sales force.

Travis Bautz, Director of Marketing, National Joint Powers Alliance

“Outstanding, shaping information into clear direction to address priority opportunities/issues”.

Carl Sweat, Region Senior Vice President, The Coca Cola Company

Linda is an energetic, forward focused, bottom line driven leader. I had the opportunity to work alongside Linda for 5+ years at Tastefully Simple. As the Director of Brand Marketing, she led a rebrand for the company; establishing brand guidelines and managing the transition and relaunch of hundreds of print materials and all packaging. Linda was a key stakeholder in a millennial research initiative which drove the launch of the innovative Tastefully Simple Dinner Mixers (millennial focused meal kit). She assured that this product supported the brand and fit strategically within the overall meal kit plan. Linda has a keen eye for detail and the ability to focus on the big picture. Driver. Strategist. Innovative. Creative. Visionary.

Terri Emery, Vice President of Vitality For Life Foods, Melaleuca: The Wellness Company

Honored with the  6th Man Award for “superior dedication and commitment”

Drew Haynie, Vice President Customer Governance, The Coca-Cola Company

Few people have the opportunity to report to a leader who is as knowledgeable as they are encouraging and genuinely personable. I had the pleasure of reporting directly to Linda for nearly 4 years. She took an initial risk hiring me onto her team with little job-specific experience. She looked beyond what I could show on paper and saw all that I was capable of if given the opportunity. Consistently focused on maximizing the strengths of her team, Linda pushed us to grow, to set new goals and try new things. She created a team of confident, independent do-ers who were allowed to make their own mistakes, all the while truly leading us through the challenges and providing support where necessary. She’s an authentic leader who fosters team unity and open communication. I hold Linda in such high regard and am so thankful for the time I spent under her direction.

Anna Petro, Marketing Manager, Geneva Capital, llc

Linda and I worked together to develop and launch a new product concept. Her leadership and mentoring were a key factor in the successful launch. As the project manager, she allowed me to set the vision for the concept. She supported that vision while always challenging me to look for solutions that most efficiently met the business goals of the project. She offered advice and suggestions for improvement but always supported the identified vision. Her partnership in developing the launch plan helped to establish a solid communication and marketing strategy that excited both internal stakeholders and our target consumers. I truly appreciated her coaching through the entire process.

Laura Lenarz, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Tastefully Simple